Pricing policy

Price is determined basing on the number of employees and total time that has taken to resolve the problem.

In addition to that, price depends on specific circumstances - order complexity and employees qualification

Service cost fluctuates between certain bounds:

  • Turnover during period examined;
  • Assets cost at the end of the period;
  • Number of bookeeping service employees;
  • Number of activities, run by the company;
  • Other (Please check "Price").

    For each customer we have a personal approach, that is why we cannot quote the total price immediately. The cost of services may vary due to following reasons:

  • Period that is examined
  • Serive frequency (quarterly, yearly etc)
  • Whether we should combine several services.

    Usually we have following procedure of service payment - 50 percent is paid in advance. The rest is paid once job is done (problem analysis, implementation etc). More than that, even after everything is done, if you have any questions, we are glad to answer.

    Such non-repeating services as consulting, individual documents managing are paid separately usually in advance according to pre-evaluated cost.

    We always appreciate our customers, take their resources into consideration and try to find the variant that is ideal.

    Order procedure

    Once you get familiar with our Services, Prices and ready to continue business relations, you should read information shown below.

    You may send preliminary information by filling Audit form . Our experts evaluate this information and will contact you within few hours. Then preliminary examination part takes its lead. The expert reaches customer, gets familiar with the bookeeping, its order, bookeeping history etc. Also he provides information regarding the company's legal state (certification, licensing etc) This may take up to three hours. After that final service cost is determined.

    After examination part we would like you to get familiar with agreement and add\remove\edit some of its parts if you like. Sample agreement you may get here.

    Bookeeping accompaniment cost is determined in simalar way.

    Once you need to consult regarding bookeeping, taxes, etc, you should prepare a list of questions, fill in the Consulting form and send us via and e-mail, fax\phone.

    Our employees will contact you within half an hour and may ask several questions regarding your case. An answer to all of your questions is usually prepared in 1-2 days.