Price List

Type of service



1 difficulty level

(automated accounting, types of activity no more then 2.

$1000 - $1300 per man per week
2 difficulty level

(automated accounting, few types of business activity, operations in foreign currencies, currency regulation, complicated contracts). Involvement of a law expert.

$1100 - $15 00 per man per week
3 difficulty level

(operations in foreign currencies , IOUs, complicated contracts, contract consultations, changes in accounting staff. Law expert can be involved)

$13 00 - $1700 per man per week


•  Financial accounting $30 -$50 per hour
•  Tax Accounting $30 -$50 per hour
•  Tax and financial accounting reconciliation, tax advice $30-$50 per hour
•  Tax law consultation $30-$70 per hour
•  Recommendation on accounting software installation and optimisation. $30-$50 per hour
•  Instructions on different areas of accounting $35
•  Revival of an accounting system from $330 per man per week
•  Preparation of yearly and quarterly financial statements from $330 per month
•  Forming an optimum tax base $30-$50 per hour
•  Written consultations $45 -$60 per hour
Accounting, forming company tax statements and financial statements: $50-$70 per hour

•  In accordance with GAAP, IAS

•  Converting Russian accounting into international accounting
Financial analysis
Analysis of company's stability and liquidity $40 -$50 per hour
Analysis and correction of financial information $40 -$50 per hour
Financial Management audit $60 per hour
Legal help
Legal consultations and helping with trials Varies
Written consultations $70-$90 per hour
Auditing services in English -additional 20 % to normal fees
Discounts for regular customers and customers with large volumes of work